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I have the coolest photo *ever* in my possession now. Sweet Geek took it a while back - it's of a tree in my backyard, with a bird on it. Hmmm....somehow, that doesn't sound as *awesome* as it is. It's b&w, and it looks...foreign. Mystical. Cool. :grin: It's also up here at the office right now - I wanted to share the joy. :lol:

Photo shoot went well, I think - hope that at least 1 came out. It was fun....but that was due to the photographer. :lol:

Lunch date today - can't wait!

Not much else to report - wrist still sore, kids still...themselves, horses/dogs still doing their things.

Trying to decide what to do with the bonus - taxes are a given, as is the water filtration system. I need to splurge on something frivolous, I think - the kids are taken care of, thanks to the Holidays, but me? I need something....silly and over-the-top, methinks. Must ponder this.....(No, no other spinning wheel. I'm still patiently awaiting my AA Production, and that will be the last one, I think. I don't *need* another one - between the 3 AAs I already have, and this one, I'll be pretty well set. Don't need another loom, either - although Sweet Geek might. :grin: Yes, I'm enabling. We'll see if it sticks. :evil grin:) Might need to browse the celtic jewelry sites again....I'm eyeballing torques, and have been, but not sure that's a look I can pull off. Hmmm.

Off to research! :grin:
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