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Hum de hum de hum...

got report cards yesterday. Himself is (again) on the "A" honor roll, and Herself brought ALL her grades up. Not to honor roll level, but UP.'s dinner out tonight. :grin:

I heard from Sweet Geek that the photos came out fine, so I can put my front room back together. :grin:

The guild has a demo on Saturday at the Terrell Heritage Museum (from 4 on). If you're in the area, drop by - the Museum is small, but has some cool stuff. I won't be there, but I'm sure the group would love to chat! (Sweet Geek and I are going to play with Jeeps. Can't wait - you can take the girl outta the Jeep, but you can't take the Jeep outta the girl, y'know! :grin:)

Gots to pay bills....later!
Tags: blather, kids

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