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It's Friday... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

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Previous Entry It's Friday... Nov. 30th, 2007 @ 08:01 am Next Entry
which means Chili! And Sweet Geek! Whee! :grin:

Finished the red vacation scarf - even the ends are woven in. Just needs washing, then it'll be ready for gifting. Started on the next prezzie - the Catspaw Scarf from Straw into Gold. I started it last night (around 6:30) and I'm already 1/3 done! :boggle: Patons wool on size 7s, if it matters. :grin:

Gonna go play with Jeeps tomorrow - I'm interested in the Liberty. I miss my Wrangler - yes, it was a POS, but it was a *FUN* POS. I'm hoping the Liberty is similar - the gas mileage is MUCH better than my Chevy's, and the cost is MUCH less (which should = less payments...but I'm not holding my breath). If the dealer will deal, then I might be convinced to trade up (or down, depending on your point of view) - I already did the credit app and got pre-approved, so that's one step done. We'll see....

Need to hit the looms hard this weekend - got 1.5 scarves to knock out. Weekdays are impossible - too much other stuff to do. Sweet Geek has class tomorrow AM, so I'll weave until he gets to the house. Then it's Jeep time (the kids think this is a good idea - they both say they'll miss the truck, but "Jeeps are more fun. We can go Off-Road!" :snicker: That's my kids! :grin:)

Back to knitting....
spin a yarn
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