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Reason # 14 why I am impressed with...

Randall Noe Jeep. I mean, the experience was, on the whole, OK (but punctuated by hilarity - more on that in a bit), but the AFTER care has been astounding.

Let's see...I gave a quick overview yesterday AM (but I was still asleep, so it was brief). I need to go back and record this for prosterity. :grin:

OK, so I had been considering the trade for a few weeks now. Sweet Geek and I had been discussing running out to a dealership to test drive a few vehicles - I knew a Wrangler was right out (cost + lack of room), but the Compass and Liberty models looked good. We just hadn't really decided when or where.

Fast forward to Wednesday evening - I got a letter from Randall Noe offering to pay me up to 120% of the Blue Book Value (or $4K, whichever was less), a free "year" of gas :snerk:, and free incentive gifts. :blink: I took this as a sign, called Sweet Geek, and made plans to go there Saturday at 3. I called Wednesday evening to set up an appointment, then called Thursday to start the credit approval process. Both salesmen were nice; the 2nd one was a bit upset that I already had an appointment with the first one.

Saturday, I was antsy (like...when am I not? :grin:) so we headed out there at 2. We got there at 2:30 - good thing, too, since things rapidly went downhill from there. :snicker: I asked for the 1st salesman (the one I had the appointment with) - he was out "sick". So, I asked for the 2nd one......I didn't know there were *2* salesmen with the same name. :rollseyes:

So. The wrong salesman (hereinafter called S#1) didn't tell me that no, I didn't talk to HIM Thursday - he just went along with it. He, however, didn't have time to take me for a test drive, so he got ANOTHER salesman to take me (S#2). I quipped to S#1 "so, he'll have to split the commission with you, huh?", which caused Sweet Geek to laugh, and both salesmen to gaze blankly at me. :sigh: Whatever.

S#2 didn't give me much info on the vehicle - in fact, he was in the back seat, I was driving (Sweet Geek was riding shotgun) when I asked him "Yeah. What's the storage space like behind the seat there?" (See, NO ONE opened a Liberty up for me to actually, y'know, LOOK into. I mean, HOW am I supposed to know that it'll work for me if I can't crawl around in it?) His response? "Oh, well, I'm over 6', and there's plenty of room back here for me!" :sigh: Sweet Geek got a little irritated at that, and said "No. In the Back. For Groceries/Dogs/Stuff. How much room is there?" :snicker: He didn't know, and instead rambled on about the 110 plug in the console, the UConnect stuff, etc. (Which, incidentally, I do NOT have on my Liberty. I got the base model, because the whole point of this exercise was to lower my expenses. I don't NEED all the bells'n'whistles, thank you very much.)

So, we get back to the dealership, and inform S#2 that the deal is clinched, but, y'know, I'd really like it in Green if they have it...and, BTW, there was one in your online inventory yesterday. S#2 was a bit surprised (what? No one else does any reasearch? Whatever...), but wandered off to check it out. Sweet Geek asked me if I liked the one I tested, why didn't I want it, so I explained the pricing to him (the Green just happened to be the cheapest one; the next up was $500 more....then one I tested was *$2K* more - and the 4WD model that they had? Was *$8K* more :boggle:) and he said "Cool. If you can live with a base model, then go for it!" (Gotta love a man who *listens* and understands *why* some decisions have to be made!)(Yes, I wanted 4WD. Don't need it, but is FUN. Oh,'s not $8K fun! :grin:)

S#2 finally comes back; yes the Green Liberty is available, shall we go in and do paperwork? Yup. In we went...and things got crazier. :grin:

I had to fill out a bunch of forms. Pointing out that I had already given S#3 (who I thought was S#1, remember) all the info caused much confusion....and another 35 minute wait while S#2 wandered off to see if I was telling the truth. (I was) We sat for a few minutes, then wandered off to look at the Compass (I thought they might be too small...they were. Almost as much storage as the Liberty, surprisingly, but the seating just would NOT work for my kids.) I went back to the table (had to move as someone had STOLEN my spot :grin:) while Sweet Geek kept wandering. (This is when he found the Charger and lost his mind for a bit. :giggle:)

Anyway....paperwork was found, I signed in 2 spots, and the negotiations began. It would have been nice if S#1 and S#2 had half a clue....but, 2 freaking hours later we were ready to go to Finance. :sigh: (I did NOT get the 120% Blue Book Value...but at that point I didn't care. Just give me my f'ng keys and let me leave, all right? :geez: They wanted $$ down, I said NO, you have my truck. They wanted a bit less down - NO. TRUCK. It was...really sad. I had to ask for my keys back before he realized that no, I was NOT giving them any money.)

Financing went pretty quickly. It helped that I only owed 23 payments on the truck...but I still got stuck with 13.5% interest (thanks to the bankruptcy. :sigh:). Still, the payments are now affordable, so it's OK. I then asked about the "free" gas...Mr. Finance played dumb, so Sweet Geek got involved :grin: "OH....yeah, that. Let me go check on that, as I'm not familiar with it.." (Seriously - it was getting hysterical at this point. It was now 6:30.....and we STILL didn't have a vehicle. :snicker:)

SO. The "free" gas? For a Year? Yeah, not so much. It's a check, made out to *me*, for $500. (The windeow sticker claims my gas expense for 12 months will be $2,300.....let's see.......$500 vs. $2,300....right. Still, $500 FREE money (it's under $600, so NO TAXES yea!) is nothing to sneeze at, and I'll put it on a Wal*Mart gas card. :grin:

Anyway, we're now waiting for them to deliver my Jeep. The Customer Service liason comes over to give me my owner's manual (in a *green* canvas case, how cute. :snort:) and explain everything to me. She said "Oh. You had the goofy guys - I'm sorry. Let me tell you what I'm sure they didn't" (I like her. :grin:) She filled us in on the warranties, the Powertrain warranty, the free roadside assistance, all that good stuff.

At 7:30, Sweet Geek has HAD it. Still no Jeep.....why? Because S#1 took it to fill up, and there wasn't enough on the gas card, so he came back, got another card..and it was empty. 3rd time's a charm, though....:bangs head: My Jeep with only 34 miles on it had 47 when I FINALLY got into it to take it home. :sigh: Anyway, we headed home - with Sweet Geek driving - and decided to stop for dinner (it was now 8 PM. I was STARVING)

Pull into LJS....and discover my lovely new Jeep has A SCRAPE on it. :arrrgh: Sweet Geek calls the dealership (they, of course, are now closed) and leaves the Customer Service Liason a pretty PO'd message (but polite!) about the scrape, and what are YOU going to do about it??? (The scrape isn't big, no, but it's obvious that it was done at the dealership - they park the Liberty's up at the front of the showroom, behind these large, red, concrete posts. You can see red paint at one end of the scrape, where *someone* got too close to one of the posts. Idiot.....)

So. It's now Monday...and I got a call at 9 AM today from the Liason. She was VERY apologetic, and had already sent the info over to the accessory store to get the ball rolling to get my Jeep fixed. They called me right up - I will drop it off Friday AM at 8. :grin:

So, would I recommend Randall Noe? long as you get an older, *experienced* salesman to help you. The Customer Service Liason is *awesome* at her job, as is S#3 (the one I was *supposed* to talk to. I hope he gets a bit of commission, since he actually *helped* me, unlike S#1 and #2).

The Liberty? I *love* it. It handles well, there's TONS of room in the back (we fit a 50 pound bag of dog food in, parallel with the sides, and there was 2" of space on both ends left), and there is PLENTY of room for the kids. It's not fancy, but it'll do, and I LOVE the color. :grin: For a small family (it seats up to 5) it's perfect (if you like Jeeps) gets 22 MPG (supposedly..we'll see. ANYTHING will be better than the 18 I was getting in my truck - on a good day, with a strong tail-wind, that is), and it's,'s a JEEP.
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