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Previous Entry Ugh... Dec. 5th, 2007 @ 07:57 am Next Entry
is it Friday yet? No.....just Wednesday. Well, that's ok - I usually have a lunch date on Wednesday. :grin:

Had a bit of excitement this AM - at 3:30, I heard a loud crash...at 3:50, when I finally got up, I noticed that the top of the gerbil cage was on the floor. :sigh: I figured I had at least 1 escapee...and I hoped it wouldn't find the mousetraps.

Apparantly, the crash scared the li'l buggers, because both of them were in the cage at 4:30. :whew: The top has been tightly secured, and both kidlets have been cautioned against leaving part of the cage open. (Speaking of gerbils, there are 2 newborns at the daycare. I have already said NO to any more..:grin:)

I received ANOTHER email and phone call from the dealership. Man...if they do this with EVERYONE who buys a vehicle from them, how do they have time to, y'know, actually *sell* cars? :grin:

Well, I'd best get to it. Gots stuff to do....
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