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Some people are SO Stupid...

I mean, really. I got into a MAJOR arguement this morning over a *movie*, of all things.

The movie in question: The Golden Compass. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that the movie was evil and a "Real Christchun" would boycott it". Ummm......right.

My knee-jerk response? "It's a MOVIE. It's no worse than the Chronicles of Narnia (which most people accept as christchun - it's NOT, if you'd read the whole series, you'd see so many pagan elements it's not even funny (but that's a different rant)), we're not boycotting it, we're going to see it"

The response I should have given? "If your faith is so weak that a FICTIONAL movie causes you to doubt, then you need to do some serious re-evaluation of your beliefs."

:sigh: Seriously - you can find christchun elements in almost *any* movie/book that's out there (Anna has a series on her sidebar about how the Matrix is Biblical - I haven't seen any of them, because a)I hate K. Reeves and b)the trailers were more violent than I am comfortable with, so I can't comment, but her points are well thought out. Star Wars? There's a whole bunch of christchun commentary on it...which Lucas denies. :snicker:

Then there's movies like The Passion - which I boycotted (:gasp:!) because it broke the 2nd commandment from the get-go (the whole pesky "No representation or graven image" thing.....which TOTALLY ruined any christchun message the movie may have been trying to get out. I mean, breaking one of the 10 kinda puts your whole message in a bad light, know what I mean? For all I know, it may have broken others, but that one I am sure of - any time you have a person pretending to be Christ, you've broken the 2nd commandment!) The same people boycotting The Golden Compass hold the Passion up as a great Bible movie :snort: - which puts *their* beliefs up for questioning, no? (They also celebrate Ishtar/Easter and Giftmas, while ignoring the Biblically-mandated

Harry Potter? I didn't go see them, and I haven't read the books. Not because they were "evil", but because I found the first book impossible to get into, so I didn't see the point of sitting thru a movie. We finally saw the first know, they're not bad. Not evil at all, in fact - you don't learn how to be a witch, you don't learn how to cast's just a cute, FICTIONAL movie (well, except for the parts in #2 where there are......8-legged demon-spawn, but that could just be a problem for *me*). In fact, in this month's Lutheran magazine, a retire pastor wrote an editorial PRAISING the HP movies/books. :boggle: I was impressed.

Look, I don't care if you think a movie is evil - that's your right. Just don't jump all over *me* because I don't agree with you. My faith is strong enough to withstand 2 hours of fiction - and, IF I take my children, we will discuss the movie after, with me pointing out *where* it conflicted with our faith, and what we can do to counteract that.

I don't know why I am so surprised - one of the people this morning is catholic, and only believes what the church has told her to believe..the other one is......well, he's different, and that's all I'll say. He claims one thing sometimes, but does other stuff other times, and....can you say hypocrital? :sigh: *I'm* not perfect, but at least I try to keep my beliefs consistant.

Makes me just want to go bang my head on something......
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