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Jeep jeep jeep jeep jeep

I gotta say, I am *quite* impressed with Randall Noe. I called last night - my brakes make a grinding noise when I apply them, then "Clunk" when I come to a full stop. The grinding I am *not* concerned with - I figure it's probably just everything needing to break in - but the clunk, the clunk, now is bothersome.

So, I called. Had to leave a message as the Cust. Service lady was out. She called me back at 9:15 this morning, first *apologizing* that it took her so long to get back to me! She told me that yes, the grinding was probably "normal", but the clunking......not so much. She transferred me to Service.

The guy at Service said "huh. Not normal. When can you bring it by..oh, we're not open on Saturdays for new business, only finish-up - wait a minnit." So, I wait....he comes back on "My manager, Mr. *****, will be here Saturday morning. Bring it in between 8 and 9 (is that ok?) and he'll road test it and put it on the rack if needed - we want you to be safe!" :grin:

Man....service sure has changed For the Better since I had my '87 Wrangler!

Yes, we'll have to get up early Saturday....but I'll know that my li'l Jeepster is a safe vehicle! (I still love it - it's cute, it's fun, I got 22.8 MPG on the first tank of gas....:grin:)
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