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Previous Entry Ugh... Dec. 8th, 2007 @ 06:25 pm Next Entry
I's sick. Sick sick sick......I don't think it's strep, since my throat mysteriously quit hurting during the night (Friday it was the whole "knives in the throat" routine that means expensive doc bills and drugs), but I can't breathe and I keep coughing and sneezing. Oh, and no appetite. Good for the waist, not so good for the rest of me.

I spent most of today in bed. :sigh:

Took the Jeepster to the dealership today - the brakes were grinding, clunking, and generally worrying me (and Sweet Geek - he finally heard them last evening.) The Service Manager drove it......for about 20 minutes. Told me it was "OK", just "glazing" (or...something that sounds like that....my brain was and is all clogged) and what needed to be done was brake - a lot - to make the pads fit the rotors. He thought he'd fixed it (hence the 20 miinute road test)...but took it out again after it cooled off and......same noise. :sigh:

So, upshot - they have ordered me new pads and rotors (on an '08.....:blink:) and will be replacing them - FREE - sometime next week. OH, and if I can't come in during the week, they'll do it on Saturday. :boggle:

I...am quite impressed with Randall Noe. Really, truly impressed.

In other news, Sweet Geek gave me his art show photo - I love it. It's actually already hanging in the front room....it's a very artistic photo of a pile of wood. (Really....it's MUCH more interesting than I can describe.) He brought his portfolio over....he's got an awesome stop-motion of a hawk in flight, and a totally superb shot of my pond that doesn't look like my pond - it looks.....etheral. Or.....otherworldy. Or...something.

Time for another shot of cough syrup and zinc. Oh, yea........ick. :grin:
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