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Nice Mail Call this AM...

I got my order from King's Pottery...a cute mug. It's in the Sheep Thrills! pattern (and no, that's not why I bought it, I bought it because it's a)hand-thrown and b)it's got sheep) and it's great! Much bigger than I anticipated, and a nice, hefty weight. Feels good in the hand - can't wait to get it home and try it out.

My transmitter for my gate finally I gotta get a new one. Until then, I have to get out of the van (and it's Fair time, which means rain), go thru the gate, use the keypad, get back in the van, drive thru, get out, use the keypad, get back in, and go. Big lot of hassle, that....but I can't get to the Fence Supply place to get a replacement, and online, the prices are comparable. Urg. I'll go get one next weekend, after the kids flu shots. (That should be fun)

I spread the joy last night at ballet - a young girl was fascinated. She's about 11-ish, and is already knitting, wants to learn to crochet, and had a blast when I handed her the wool and said - "Here. Have fun!". I am to bring a spindle to the next class and teach her formally....hehehehehe. Gotta go dig out some easy to spin domestic roving for her...and need to dye it up in her favorite colors - pink and black. Glad we don't have class next week - it's Fair Day, so the studio is closed.

Lunch is calling!
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