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It's Monday...


Previous Entry It's Monday... Dec. 10th, 2007 @ 12:42 pm Next Entry
and I feel almost human again. Sore throat is gone, earache is gone...just a stuffy nose and irritating cough left. Not too bad, all in all, so I won't complain. Too Much. :grin:

Free Lunch today - the office next door is having their annual open house, and we got invited (we do a lot of Notary work for them). BBQ with all the fixin's, tons of homemade desserts, cheeses, nuts....yum! The BBQ was cold, but *very* tasty, and the desserts....mmmmmmmmmmmm, sugar rush! :grin:

Lunch tomorrow with Sweet Geek, and then Wednesday with Ms. Boss...if I could just figure out Thursday and Friday, I'd be set! :lol:

Chanukah is still rockin' my socks off - Himself got a catapult Saturday evening, and got it all assembled *by himself*. There's a slight technical problem, but he's already figured it out - just needs someone stronger than me to implement it. Sweet Geek can handle it this weekend. :grin: (Nice how I volunteered him, huh? :wink:) Herself has reached the Art portion of the Holiday....and gets more and more excited as each day comes. Tonight is a complete Artist's Set (colors/pastels/oils/watercolors/markers) for Her, and the Lego Technics Battle Droid for Him. Tomorrow night (#8) is the big finale....a :shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: Lego Mindstorms Droid Set for Him, and a table-top easel for Her. Can't wait to see their faces! :grin:

Managed to get the last warp measured yesterday...just need to get it *on* the loom so I can weave it off. Maybe tonight...we'll see. Also have some knitting and spinning to accomplish......:blink:
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