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So cute I *HAD* to post....

Himself brought home an order envelope today. Seems the school is having a "Gift House" (or...something) at the school so that "the kids can learn the joy of giving to others") (OK, I have a problem with this....since most 1st and 2nd graders are, shall we say, unemployed, just *who* is footing the bill for this? Uh huh...that'd be *me*. So...I'm buying my own stuff, right? /rant).

His envelope was neatly (for him) filled out - something for Mom, Sister, Grandma, Grandpa, and "Other"...only he had carefully scratched out "Other" and wrote in "Sweet Geek" :grin:

How could I *not* write the check? (For....$45.50. :boggle: Yeah....and, I'm jealous, since Sweet Geek's prezzie (whatever it is) cost more than *mine* :lol:) Seriously, it's TOO Sweet. :giggle:

He even informed me that, since he was going "shopping" on Thursday (thankfully.....payday is Friday. The check will be good! :grin:), it'll be a Late Chanukah prezzie. What a boy! :grin:

Off to down some cough syrup!
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