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Wait - What?

It was 46* last night. It was.....65* this morning when I went out to feed the horses. I'm....confused. (Oh, and it's supposed to be 36* tomorrow. Welcome to Texas! :grin:)

Put the dogs back out today - when we got home last night, all the trash was artfully arranged around the kitchen (:doh!: Forgot to put the trash can up!) and the gingerbread house had been devoured (it must have been planning a coup). They were *not* happy at being shoved out into the vast, freezing wasteland (of 65*), but, out they went none-the-less. I'll have less mess to clean up tonight....

Got the last scarf on the loom last night, and got it tied up. I've changed the tie-up system - the treadle stand came with chains and metal..thingys to clip the chains to the treadles. I bent one of the thingys, and it only came with 4 chains, so I replaced the chains with texolve, and the thingys with the square pegs (from my Glimakra). It....took sustantially longer to tie up, but I think I'll be happier with it. I'll start the weaving tonight. :grin:

Things I've learned from this foray into mass-production: 1) I can NOT tie knots worth a shit. I've known this, but it really got rammed home when scarf #3 kept losing warp threads because the knots (I kept tying onto the previous loom waste, since all 4 scarves are threaded straight draw) kept slipping. 2)Scarves are B O R I N G. The first one went quick, the 2nd drug...the 3rd took FOREVER.'s Shepherd Check, which I love, so hopefully it'll hold my attention and go Quickly 3) I love weaving, but dislike the Structo Artcraft loom. Even with treadles the harnesses stick, which slows down the weaving. I much prefer a larger loom....must finish threading the Glimakra *soon* - besides, I need more dishtowels! :grin:

Lunch today with Sweet Geek - can't wait! :bounces:
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