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And the winner of "Best Mother of the Year" goes to...

me, according to my children, anyway. :grin:

Herself is *totally* enthralled with the easel. She figured out that if we cut a piece of the box up, she could use her copy paper on it (Cynthia contributed some chip clips to the cause - they hold paper to the cardboard *perfectly*), and do...whatever it is she's currently doing on it. Huh....looks like markers and...paint?...and....pastels? I dunno - but she's creating a masterpiece over there on it (using her new Art Set - yesterday, it got a "Huh. It's nice. No Prismacolors, but it's...OK". Today? It's the 2nd hottest thing going. :grin:)

As for Himself.....I knew the Lego Mindstorm Droid Development Kit would be a hit...but I didn't calculate the *exact* hitness of it. I'm surprized we haven't gotten earthquake warnings here - the squeals were SO loud, and the Squeeing so intense that the windows rattled and the clouds dumped more wet stuff on us. :lol:

Seriously, I have 2 deliriously happy children right now, a masterpiece in progress, and....and half-finished droid rolling around on my floor. (He's just about figured out how to program the silly thing.)

I'd say Chanukah was a hit....:grin:
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