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Well, THAT didn't last long...

My Mother-of-the-Year award got snatched away from me this morning, because I refused to allow them (the ungrateful little ingrates) to play with their toys INSTEAD of eating breakfast. And, y'know, actually *getting*ready*for*school*. I mean, obviously, finishing up the modifications on the Lego Technics Battle Droid (changing it from a simple Drone into a Command Droid - SO Important!) is MUCH more Important than, say...brushing your teeth. :rolls eyes: We won't even go into the discussion of why I would NOT allow the installation CD to be put on the PC Right!Now!....(hey - *I'm* not allowed to play with electronics, remember? I can use 'em, but any alterations have to be done by the professional, 'cause for some reason I tend creative with it. Never mind I follow the never seems to work exactly the way the program says it will. It's a gift I have...:grin:)

Actually wove a couple of inches on scarf #4. It's looking good - he wanted red and black checks (Texas Tech, don'cha know), and it's coming out pretty nice if I do say so myself. Should go pretty quickly - I only spent maybe 15 minutes on it, and got 4 stripes done.

The knitted scarf is about 9 rows from completion. Not sure what I'll do with myself today when it's finished - I didn't bring another project. :wah: Ah, well...I can PLAN the next project (hat for LM, as requested. I *knew* I should have packed the yarn and DPNs!)

In other news, I saw snowflakes (shhhhhhhhh!) this morning on the way to the daycare. Yes, honest to God snowflakes. I took it as an expression of happiness on my natal day, said thanks, and muttered my way in (I really DON'T want my Libby to get mashed up because other people can't drive when the weather's not perfect. I was a nervous wreck all the way in today. :grin:)

Speaking of Libby, can anyone out there give me the Gaelic pronunciation of "Saorsa"? It's Scots Gaelic for "Liberty", and would make a much more butch-sounding name for the Jeepster......otherwise, it's "Libby"...which I'm just not really that fond of. (Go figure....:grin:) I'm thinking it's something like "shOREsa", but honestly, I have no clue.

Lunch today with Ms. boss.....won't be as nice as yesterday's lunch, but hey - free lunch! I can make nice for a couple of hours...:grin: Dinner tonight, thanks to my Mom....I could get used to this. :lol:

Again, please click on the link posted in this entry - it's all I want for my birthday, Erin to get her 5 million downloads. It'd make a great (and FREE) prezzie for me....AND her. Again, win/win. :smile:
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