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*whew* Back from lunch...

Yeah, a 2.5 hour lunch. Hey - the boss was there, so...what'd'ya do? :grin: You'll *never* guess where we went - go on, guess. Guess. Give up? :grin: Ziziki's. :grin: It wasn't as nice as yesterday, though. :smooch: She did get me cheesecake (and then.....they sang to me. :blush:).....Ms. boss has a friend down from California - she's a sweet lady, but.....sing, she can't. :grin:

She got me the loveliest Crazy Lace Jasper necklace/earring set. Pretty, pretty stones (Hey - I'm just don't do a *thing* for me, give me a nice emerald or ruby or sapphire...or even tiger eye. This Jasper? GORGEOUS. :grin: Last year's b-day present was a pair of MoP something earrings. I wear them *all* the time.) - I can forsee a *lot* of use of this! She also got me a sheepie....not sure *what* to call it, but it's weighted, and can sit on the arm/back of the sofa. Or, like right now, the top of my PC monitor. :snicker:

Decided to do Holiday cards.....have the drawing done, have the words printed on the card stock, now I just need to copy the drawing to the cards and start adding color. I think that might be tomorrow's project...:grin: I gots a sheep to play with...:snicker:
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