Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Monday...

and I think I'm still among the living. Maybe - this cough will NOT let up. :sigh: Sweet Geek ordered me to the doc next week if it's still hanging around...:bigger sigh:

Yesterday was relaxing...after we dropped the scarves off at church we went driving. Nowhere in particular, just out and about so he could get some photos (he got some *great* ones....can't wait to see them in print!) then home for the Game (which sucked......oh, well. Maybe they'll do better next time).

This was apparantly a Movie Weekend - we saw Golden Compass (good, not great, not worth boycotting at any rate), then Sweet Geek bought us "Meet the Robinsons" and "Night at the Museum"...both of which are cute movies. I LOVED Night at the Museum (the T-rex that fetches his rib bone....oh, man that's funny! :grin:) - we'll be watching that one again soon, methinks. Oh, and Sweet Geek and I watched Cars Friday evening - he liked it. :snicker: (Oh, come on - it's a cute movie. Lots of stuff that go right over the kids' heads, but the adults catch it. :snicker:)

We're booked pretty solid for the holidaze. We go to his brother's house Saturday, then his family comes over Sunday, Monday, and my family Tuesday. Wed. I need to get my eyes checked (and possibly doc visit...:sigh:), then Thurs or Fri I need to have a plumber out to install the water filtration system. Busy, busy, busy! We have to work on the fence at some point (but I'm not allowed outside until the cough goes....:sigh:), and I need to finish warping the Glimakra at some point so I can weave on a "real" loom :grin:

Tonight I pick up a rental so's Libby can get her brakes fixed. They're supposed to have her done only 1 day in a strange car. This'll be fun.....:rolls eyes:
Tags: blather

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