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:sigh: Yeah, the icon says it all....

So, the Jeepster is at the dealer getting her brakes replaced (rotors and pads)...the loaner car? Sucks. It's gonna kill me, I think - I've NEVER driven a small car on the freeway before. This? It's a Ford's TEENY. And has NO power. And can't be seen by big rigs - I was almost run over last night, and this morning.....well, I cried all the way in. I was almost hit 3x (that I noticed....I quit looking in the rear view mirror after #3) and traffic merging in ignored me and tried to come in on top of me. :shudder: I don't know how people drive these death traps, I really don't.

Add to this the fact that I didn't sleep well last night at all....not sure why. Car? Kids? Who knows? :sigh: Yeah, today's gonna be Fun.....:sigh:

Let's see...gotta look on the bright front room/game room has been cleaned and rearranged - just need to put the non-essential stuff away, and it's done. This is a nice time of year for funerals - sorry, THAT'S not bright and happy......ummmm......erm.......give me a minute...nope, I got nothing. That car's gonna kill me. Looks like today will be not a good day. :sigh: I need to work on that.....
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