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Previous Entry Ugh... Dec. 19th, 2007 @ 09:46 am Next Entry
didn't sleep last night. Don't know why...but at 1:30 I gave up and quit looking at the clock. I might have slept at that point...but I was up again by 3:30. The alarm went off at 4, but I was already lying there with my eyes open, counting the ceiling fan revolutions. :sigh:

Got my Jeepster back - she runs like a top, and stops on a dime, with NO NOISE. Whee! I love my Jeep. :grin:

Paid my property taxes today...ugh. THAT was a difficult check to write...but it's done for the year, now. :grin:

Company christmess party yesterday.....Ms. boss phoned in the gifts this year, that's for sure. Won't go into details (don't wanna be dooced :grin:), but....yeah. As generic and unpersonal as they come - and she usually gives REALLY GOOD gifts (my birthday? Gorgeous Crazy Lace Agate necklace/earring set - fits my personality and coloring. Over the years, she's given me a Royal Doulton Horse, 2 Cheval ponies, a teapot with a fox-hunting scene.....stuff that fits "me". This year? Not so much. :sigh:)

Had a escapee last night - the brown gerbil is AWOL in the house. He was in the front/game room at 12:00, and again at 1:30 last night, but I wasn't quick enough to catch him. It really takes at least 2 people to nab the li'l suckers - they're FAST. I'm going to try and hit PetSmart today to get a more secure cage - these guys are managing to pop the "observation deck" open and leap to the floor of our current set-up. :sigh: Ah, well - at least I set off the mouse traps, so he won't accidently get dead. :sigh:

Gotta go scare up some more caffiene......hope I can sleep tonight.
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