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the AWOL gerbil has been recaptured. He was in the bathroom.....a new cage living quarters has been procured and set up - both rodents are having a blast exploring (OMG - Spot just fell out of the exercise wheel, dropped to the first floor, landed on the igloo sleeper, shook it off, ran back up the tube, and is trying to NOT fall out of the wheel again. :snicker:)

I had my standing lunch date today - BBQ. We hit Petsmart (rodent quarters) and JoAnn's (size 5 circ...I left home without it and NEEDED it :grin: I'm doing a Calorimetry (I know.....but this is way cool yarn, and I don't have enough for an actual hat) and couldn't wait until I got home to work on it...I had NOTHING ELSE to do...) I do enjoy my Wednesday lunch dates.....

I'm getting ready to pop Firefly in, and to try and get sleepy enough to, y'know, SLEEP. :yawn: I'm tired. Hope the kids can feed themselves.....
Tags: blather, pets

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