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Doo be Doo be Doo.....

bored bored bored bored bored......have I mentioned I am bored? :grin:

Just got back from lunch with Sweet Geek.....he decided out of the blue that he needed to take me to lunch, and who am I to argue? :grin: We walked to Potbelly's, since there is something in his truck I am not supposed to see. Guess I need to tell him about my ability to Not See things I am told I don't see.....:lol:

Seriously, if we are out and you see something that would be a *perfect* gift for me...just tell me "You don't see this!", and.....I won't. Not even when we go to's just not there. (Surely I'm not the only one who can do this.....that would make life So Much Harder for people...)

Have a plumber set up for next week to fix the f'd-up water softener pipes and install the water filtration system. I also have an optometrist appointment - new glasses! Go me!! :lol: That takes care of Wed. and to get something planned for Fri. :grin: (I'm thinking....Nap(s). Plural. Sounds Lovely!

The water filtration system is a must - every month, I get my water bill and they include a little note "This is just a note: we are high on (some sort of) contaminants, that have been proven to cause cancer, but they're only a *little* bit over the EPA standards, and shouldn't cause ANY problems, and we're working on it, but legally we have to tell you this..blah blah blah" :sigh: I'm tired of replacing the Pur filter on the kitchen faucet ($20/month...the whole house system is under $400...let's see....$240/year, vs. a one time charge of $400....and the filters for the whole-house system are like $ contest.), and the kids still drinking unfiltered water in the, whole-house filtration, here we come. :sigh: It should make the water *taste* better, too......and, as an added bonus - all the pipes leading from the main line into the water softener will be fixed *properly* (no, they weren't done correctly to begin with, but I wasn't allowed to complain :grrrrrrrrrrrr: As a result, my water bill keeps going up each month because the damn things are LEAKING, but oh, no, I didn't need a plumber, Mr. Dumbass knew what he was doing..yeah, right. :sigh: Sorry, /rant He's gone now, thank the Lord!)

Calorimetry is ALMOST done (3 rows left!) and I *think* I have enough yarn to finish - I'm knitting faster to make sure it lasts. :grin:
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