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It's Friday Morning... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry It's Friday Morning... Dec. 21st, 2007 @ 08:39 am Next Entry
and Ms boss is Leaving, on a Jet Plane - OK, sorry, I'll quit now. :grin:

Calorimetry is DONE, ends woven in, and button attached. It FITS, which is great (hey - I always worry, even when the gauge is correct, because handspun doesn't always knit up like commercial yarn. What can I say? :grin:), looks good, and matches my fingerless gloves.

Moosie's mousie is coming along nicely. I decided on this pattern, rather than a more mouse-shaped one, simply because I haven't cabled in a while, and, let's face it - cabling is just all kinds of fun. :grin: It's in the leftover green hat yarn, since Moose was much taken with it when I was working on the hat...we're going to Thrallmart at lunch, so I'll get the catnip then. :grin:

When the mouse is finished, I get to start something else....but it's to be determined. I have some lovely bulky singles yarn from...somewhere (it was a RAOK :grin:) in a lovely, gray-ish green that's begging to become...something. I have straight needles from size 4 to 7, so *something* will work. Just need to decide on *what*. :grin:

Gotta skitter! Gots some knitting to get done!
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