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Lovely Holiday...

so far. :grin: Saturday was spent at Sweet Geek's brother's, Sunday was spent with his dad. Yesterday, we had family over for lasagna (yummmy homemade lasagne. I *still* have a 5 pound batch in the freezer - we just about demolished the other one. (My receipe makes a 10 pound batch - 2 roaster pans full))

Sweet Geek gave the kidlets their prezzies yesterday (yes, they got giftmas anyway. Next year, we need to work on that...) - the Mindstorms was a HUGE hit (it looks like JPL exploded in my hallway) as was the Dragonology set (I have dragons all over the living room now.) The other gifts were happily accepted, but these 2 were the hits of the year, I think.

Himself got Sweet Geek a Firetruck storage box - it was *well* received. (He's so sweet - he went out of his way to make sure the kids were well-thanked for their gifts. :squee:) The Serenity stuff I got Sweet Geek went over well - the hat and juggling goslings especially. :lol:

As for me? I am now the proud owner of a knitting machine - handmade sweaters, anyone? :grin: I am beyond thrilled - I can now knit up blanks for dyeing, then re-knit them into cool socks. :grin:

Today's plan is to get my studio tidied and rearranged. Then maybe a movie. Or 2. :grin: I need to get to work on the Fair entries - I have 1 item 1/2 done, and a couple more started...just need to buckle down. Once the studio is done, I can get back to the loom......Sweet Geek wants to learn to weave, so...:grin:

Happy whatever you celebrate - have a good one!
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