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I have been busy. The Glimakra is 1/2 warped. I have done 6 loads of laundry. I have cleaned the kitchen. I have done my big once-a-month grocery run. I have taken out 3 bags of trash (and sat with the BB rifle popping shots at the strays that tried to get into said bags). I have taken a nap. :grin:

Sweet Geek won't be here tonight - he's playing poker. I am THRILLED over this - why? Because Mr. Dumbass told me over and over and over again that we either did EVERYTHING together, or nothing at all - we HAD to spend EVERY moment together, or it was proof we didn't love each other. WTF? I argued the point, 2 councellors argued the point, and all 3 of us were told WE were in the wrong (That was one of the first red flags - classic sign of an abuser. The way he treated my children was the deal-breaker....Sweet Geek *adores* my kids and treats them like human beings). Whatever....too much together time spoils the relationship - you gotta have space to do things alone, or you'll run out of things to talk about/do together. Sweet Geek will be here tomorrow, and we'll have a great time, and he can tell me about his wins/losses. :wink: Then I'll teach him how to throw a shuttle (yes, he wants to learn to Weave. I am in LOVE here, people! :grin:)

Gotta get back to the loom - I'd like it done TODAY so I can weave tomorrow (after I bake a batch of the Ultimate Brownies (as claimed on the back of the King Arthur flour I just bought :lol:).
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