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Doo De Doo Dah...

It's been wild and crazy. Start out by not being able to sleep for 3 days, mix in a trip to the Mall, add insane children....then move to the loom and relax. :grin:

Except for the fact that I keep breaking warp ends (10, so far - 9 at once, even!), the dishtowels are coming along nicely. Technically, since this warp was *Never* itended to be woven (it was wound for the interview....I really didn't intend to *do* anything with it, but I got all 490 ends wound before the reporter got, what do ya do?) it's going swimmingly - 1 towel finished and 1 1/2 done.

The studio looks *good* - the paint has softened the room and sets off the loom nicely. All that's left to paint in this house is my bathroom....I'm still cogitating on that. I was gonna do a, not so sure. We'll see.....Sweet Geek hasn't weighed in yet. :lol:

Must run - need a shower. And some loom time!
Tags: blather, weaving

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