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New Year's Musings....

So. Spent yesterday running around with Sweet Geek. Have just about agreed that I/we need a new dining room set, and, gee, lookie here - the Amish store has the *perfect* set! AND they offer lay-away! AND, it's *REAL* wood, not laminate (like my current set...which is nice, but I only paid $199 for the table and 4 chairs, it's showing it, and...yeah. :grin:) Looks like I have a use for my IRS refund this year. :lol: (Sweet Geek is planning on having a computer desk custom built...we need it L-shaped, with space for 2 PCs (well, 1 PC - mine - and a Mac - his. :lol:), in nice, light oak, and he wants it "pretty". :snicker: He's already told me *I* am not paying for the dining set OR computer desk......riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I'll get my refund before he gets his, I think....:lol:)

In the same vein....I've decided it's time to de-stash the studio. The cleaning and new paint have made the room look *awesome*, but it also shows up my hoarding tendencies. So....stuff's gotta go.

1a) The 12h LeClerc table loom. I never use it, Himself is not that into weaving anymore, so - out it goes. It's in almost new condition...I'm thinking I should be able to get a nice, older-model small loom for what I can sell this one for)

1b) The Structo 4h table loom, with LeClerc stand. I *HATE* this loom with a passion. Yes, I use it - under duress. It's a nice loom, but my Glimakra has spoiled me. The stand comes right off - I made a "table" for the loom to bolt into; all I did was put 2 holes in the bottom of the Structo. Both the stand and loom are in good shape.

1C) I want to replace both of these with a small 4H floor loom. Less space, same end result.....with the added bonus that Sweet Geek can weave with me on a "real" loom (his words, not mine. :grin:) Plus, Himself has been agitating for a "real" loom for months.....2 birds with 1 stone, here.

2a) The Louet S-15. I HATE bobbin-lead wheels. I HATE mass-produced wheels. I bought it to teach spinning - we have a Guild now. *I* don't have to do it - that's the purpose of a Guild, to teach. So, the wheel needs to go to a home where it'll be loved.

2b) I have my 4th AA wheel coming. Alden has finished the table and legs, and, last I heard, is working on the wheel, the wheel stork should be making a delivery soon-ish. Don't need the AA Production wheel will do everything it does, and more (as does my AA Scottish wheel, my AA Norwegian, and my AA charka. :lol:) Both the Scottish wheel and Production wheel have Bulky flier, again, No Need for the Louet. And, since *I* don't have to teach anymore......*I* don't need a simple wheel.

Ridding myself of the LeClerc 12h will allow me to move my warping reel into the studio (it's currently in the front/game room). The Structo is currently set up behind my Glimakra - I can turn around on the bench and weave on it - and there is room to put a small 4h floor loom there, instead. We're going to add some shelves to the ceiling - the RH loom will go there, my stuffed sheep collection will go there, as will the inkle looms and other small equipment. Ridding myself of the Louet will free up space in my head - I teach, because I need to. Not anymore! :grin: (Seriously, I HATE dealing with the general public. I haul my wheels to the Games to *avoid* people - when I'm behind the wheel, people don't see *me*, they see A Spinner. That, I can deal with. I'm a reclusive person - Sweet Geek has had an uphill battle getting me to actually go *out*; I'm happy as a clam sitting at home, watching DVDs. He's actually gotten me to go to the theatre with him...AND the mall.....that's, that's amazing. :grin:

3) Possibly ridding myself of the Kumihimo set.....I haven't touched it since we moved here (4 years ago), and...well, braiding is fun, but I prefer weaving. I need to think on this some more....

Need to get the chili started for dinner, then rustle up some breakfast. Sweet Geek is down by the pond taking photos of birds - we have a Golden Eagle down there, somewhere, that he's trying to capture. He's gonna be cold when he comes I need to have somehthing hot'n'filling ready to go. (I'm thinking eggs with the leftover wings from last night......we'll see.)
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