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Blah de blah de blah.....

This is turning out rather blathery, and all over the place, so I'll cut it for the sake of your friend's pages.

Got my new, official, OEM-straight-from-Mopar floor mats in yesterday. Whee - they fit! (Duh!) And, they don't slide like the Thrallmart specials did! My Jeepster is quite happy now - real butch floor mats! :snicker:

Did a lot of surfing yesterday. Found out that the Amish store is charging...well, WAY too much for the furniture. I can get the same stuff for less than half - and the delivery fee shouldn't be more than about $500. Seriously - here's the dining room table. The local store? $2K for it. (Go on and look - we're interested in the Quarter-sawn oak version, in "Michaels" stain). Even *with* the 2 leaves (AND shipping), the internet store is *mucho* cheaper.

The only thing I can't find exact are the chairs - the ones we liked have a carved "rope" trim on them, and none of the 'net stores seem to offer that. Y'know what, though? I can live WITHOUT the trim - especially when you consider $166/chair vs. $258/chair. (No, seriously - this is ridiculous. That's almost $100/chair difference.....and I'm too cheap to do that.) Sweet Geek was impressed - he hadn't thought to google the furniture. :grin: (Told you I'm cheap - I tend to research *everything* before I buy it, especially when it's something pricey (ie More than $100))

I was also on a mission - Sweet Geek was searching for an "egg coddler". Now, I'd never heard of such an I had NO CLUE what I was looking for (all my Brit friends can snicker at me now :lol:). I found some good sites....and scored 4 single egg coddlers on eBay Express for a decent price (well, I could have gotten *new* ones for less...but they're ugly. And Plain. I scored 4 Royal Worchester ones in the "Raspberry" pattern. So, there! :lol:)(When given a choice, I prefer pretty over plain, as long as it's functional and not outrageously priced. See: AA Spinning Wheels, Glimakra Loom, etc. :lol:) - $12/each. New, plain ones are running about $8/each....WHEN you can find them (according to my mad Google skilz, anyway) - and they won't look as nice displayed on my counter as the RW ones.

Oh, and coddled eggs - think poached eggs, with stuffs added. What you do is, you butter the inside of the coddler, dump in your egg, add stuffs (meats/spices/cheeses/whatever), screw on the lid, then place in boiling water for....5+ minutes. Sounds interesting...which is why I bought 4 instead of 2. (That way, I can do 4 eggs at once - I tried to find double coddlers (2 eggs in each one), but could only find single lots. The 4 I bought came from the same seller (saved on shipping!), and were sold in pairs. Plus, the doubles ran anywhere from $10/each up to $20+/each...when I added in all the separate shipping charges, this just made more economic sense.) And, I know Sweet Geek likes them, so even if the rest of us do NOT, I'm still OK...I gots some new pretties to display. :grin:

Slight change of subject here:

I know not everyone believes the same things I do, but you can't argue the point that we are headed for hard times. Oil hit $100/barrel yesterday - even if you don't agree that famine is just around the corner (yes, I fully believe this.....not just because Biblically it's close, but look at the way the climate has been screwing around lately. We lost most of the grain crops last year, thanks to rain/fire/drought...and it's NOT going to get better.), you HAVE to agree that prices are about to skyrocket. (EVERYTHING is encased in plastic these days) Canned goods are already on the upswing - what I could get 4/$1 at one point last year (at the Dollar store) was 2/$1 yesterday....and the grocery store is worse. (.69/can? And rising?)

Anyway, I've been stocking up - even if I'm wrong, it makes sense to have a stockpile of canned goods - what if you lose your job? Get sick and can't work for weeks? Have major bills hit and can't afford to hit the grocery store? The only things I couldn't figure out were butter and cheese (I do *love* my dairy products!).

Well, eBay to the rescue. I scored 12 cans each of butter and cheddar cheese yesterday. Paid a bit much for them (with shipping, it was a little less than $4/can. :sigh:), but hey - I have them now, and can add more later. (The butter is equivalent to 24 sticks...not sure on the cheese. Still, we can dole that out sparingly). I've already got chicken and tuna - need to add beef, but the same store I got these from sells that, too. (I know how to can my own beef, but a)it's a LOT of work and I don't have a lot of free time to devote to this; b)you have to be SO careful with the sterilization procedures, and in my house? Not so much; and c)I'm lazy and, quite frankly, can afford to throw money at this instead of trying to do it myself. If I couldn't afford it, I'd attmept it, and might later, but for now.....THIS is the way to go, for me. (For the record, I have instructions for canning my own butter and cheese, too....but see a), b), and c) above. :grin:)

For regular veggies, I'm adding 12 - 20 cans per payday grocery run. It's not adding that much to my regular bill, and I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile for my family. :shrug:

What I'm doing is eating out of the freezer for now - the canned goods are the backup plan. *IF* I'm (and a bunch of my 'net friends) are right, things are gonna go to hell by the end of this year. If I'm not, hey - I won't have to buy veggies for...quite a long time. :grin: (Latest research shows that canned goods will last for 10+ years without losing a lot of nutrients. Just sayin') (And, just FYI - the news this morning was that FL is looking at possibly losing this years citrus crop...good thing I've got canned oranges, peaches and pears in the pantry, huh? :lol:)

Hmmmm......I need to either buckle down and buy some laying hens, or look into powdered eggs. I do love my eggs in the morning........I also need to look into creating a root cellar.........well, I know what I'll be researching today! :lol:
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