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I survived the weekend...

barely, but I *did* survive! :grin: I'll cut it to spare your friend's pages...

Saturday dawned bright and early. Very windy, but warm. I didn't really want to do fence work, but had steeled myself; it DOES have to get done, and, really - 70*? In January? Might as well...except Sweet Geek asked if we could "just hang out" instead. Ummm....Yes? :grin:

We ended up running around, looking at property. He wants to move his Aunt closer...we found a few decent prospects.....and a lot of overpriced places. There's a few he'll be calling on, methinks.....

Got home and watched Ep. 3, 4, and half of 5. (Yes, it's been a Star Wars marathon here the last 2 weeks, what with Ep. 1 and 2 last week, Clone Wars (cartoons) Friday evening, and this. Next week we'll close it with RotJ. :grin:)

Oh, and we discovered another water leak - this one OUTSIDE my fence. Called the WSC....she was not thrilled, and I don't think they've come out yet. I'm hoping it really is on their side of the meter, so I don't have to pay.....:sigh:

Sunday.....well, it's been interesting. I am going to state, for the record, that we probably will NOT be at this church much longer. Hope I'm wrong...but....

I teach the K-2nd graders. Have ever since we became members here. No biggie - we have NO curriculum, but we have story books, and I pull stuff off of the web. No biggie, right?

Only, it is, because, and I quote verbatim "I am too Jewish". :snort: :snicker: Yes, there was a BIG kerfluffle yesterday (we had a planning meeting instead of Sunday School, only this got brought up first so needed to be discussed) about how I am Unfit to teach, because I should be teaching ONLY Lutheran stuff.....I about lost it. The accuser (and I won't name names - IF she reads this, fine, if not, oh well - She knows who she is, and I know what's gonna happen..enough.) couldn't answer my first question "So....Jesus was a Jew, and I can't teach what he taught?" and she had no response to my questions about doctrine vs. Bible. :sigh: (I even brought up the VERY Un-Biblical discussion going on in the Synod right now about the ordination of gays. *I* don't care what your orientation is, not my business, BUT the Bible is very clear that gays can NOT serve in the Temple/Church. Bottom line....and the Lutheran church is going against that. *IF* you are claiming to be Bible-based..well, you gotta follow the entire thing, especially if you're the head of a church denomination - otherwise, you're a hypocrit of the highest order.)

She also, in so many words, accused me of being NON-christian, since I "refused to celebrate the Ressurection". I jumped on that - NO, I don't refuse to celebrate, I just celebrate it WHEN IT ACTUALLY OCCURED - ie, Passover. (Don't believe me? Read the Bible - it clearly states the crucifixion occured ON Passover; in fact, Jesus died at 3 PM, when the Priests began the slaughter of lambs for the Feast that night. Little trivia there for you :grin: (which did NOT go over well, BTW)) She then snuffed a bit, and decided it was because I was reading a bad translation of the Bible (I prefer the "Complete Jewish Bible" for many reasons, one of which is the accessibility of the text *to me*. I have......geez, MANY translations at home; I grew up King James, but the language is, you gotta admit, archaic and some of the translation work is suspect. :shrug:) - *my* Bible says what *her* Bible says, it just uses different words.

One of the other teachers spoke up for me, agreeing that the translation doesn't matter...but that quickly got shrugged off.

Bottom line: I can still teach, at least for a few months. We'll discuss changes, if any, then. I can already predict what will happen - doesn't matter WHAT or HOW I teach, I'll be ousted, because...unfortunatly my accuser has shown herself to be Anti-Semantic, and there's nothing *I* or anyone else can do to change that. (She made it very clear - to me, anyway, since I've been kinda expecting something like this to happen so was looking for it - that christians have REPLACED the Jews....which is NON-BIBLICAL and flat out wrong. :sigh:) I've been uncomfortable here for a while, now....this, and the sermon, kinda put the nails in that coffin.

Speaking of the sermon...he blew it AGAIN. :sigh: The text was Luke, about the visit of the kings. Standard Ephiphany fare, yes...but. Instead of using it to teach how the 3 gifts mentioned forshadowed the Messiah's job (the gold indicates Christ is our King - the King of Kings, the frankensense indicates Christ is our High Priest, and the myrrh indicates that Christ was the Ultimate Sacrifice for mankind's sins..this is basic stuff, here!), he used a book by Martin Luther....saying that the gold was for...something (I lost the thread.....he had already muffed so much at that point that I was barely listening - bad me, no cookie!) the frankensense was prayers, and the myrrh was...something about memory? I dunno.....

He also told us to follow the Light....WITHOUT mentioning that Christ is the Light of the World. Nit-picky stuff? Maybe....but leaving *that* out, and just saying "Follow the Star"...well, it's milk. And he's not even spoon-feeding it to anyone.

After church, we paused for lunch, then did some more property searching. Got home, where the keys got locked in the Jeep :oops:. AAA to the rescue! We spent a bit vegging, then I found a likely-looking property online - the price is good, the distance is not far (it's within 3 miles of my property), AND it has a house already on it. So, out we went. We're gonna try to go back out this weekend to see the inside (I am afraid. The listing says "Needs TLC"......which isn't ususally a good indication. :grin:) and walk the property line. We'll see.....

Busy weekend, and next weekend looks to be as busy.
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