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headache. Since yesterday. Urk.

Water still leaking, and WSC has not (apparantly) been out. I need to sic Sweet Geek on them, methinks. :grin:

Have a nibble of interest on Finn. :fingers crossed: that he sells. (Note: I am NOT selling him because I need the money. I don't. I don't need 2 stallions - in fact, I really don't need ANY stallion; my days of breeding horses are over - I don't have the time. I haven't pushed him on the market, because I don't need the money....but it sure would be nice (less mouths to feed). IF he sells, I'll have the downpayment on the dining room set. :grin:)

Got the egg coddlers in today - they're pretty. Must experiment with them soon. Also got in the canned cheese and butter - we're pretty much set, now. :grin:

Gotta push the kids into the tub....maybe sleep will help the headache (it's because of lack of, I think...I haven't had a good night's sleep in a while, now. :sigh:) An early bedtime sounds good to me...
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