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Previous Entry :whew: Jan. 8th, 2008 @ 09:21 am Next Entry
I just spent the last hour setting up a webpage with the equipment I need to rehome. I have come to the conclusion that yes, you really *can* have too much stuff (hard to believe, huh? :lol:)...and I really need the space so I can move my warping reel and yarn blocker into the studio instead of having it encroach on the kids game room.

Here's where you can take a peek.....only 3 items right now. I'm still debating over the Kumihimo set...I haven't done ANY Kumihimo in.....huh. So long that I can't remember *when* I last looked at it. *That's* not good....:grin: Guess I need to research going rates on that, too........:contemplates:

Soon as the LeClerc loom sells, I'll start looking for a small floor loom - I *need* a smaller loom to do short, quick projects on and for the kids/Sweet Geek to use. :nods: (The table looms are good, but limited on the length of warp you can put on. I like *long* warps - more weaving fun and less planning! :grin:)

The Louet has already been "replaced" by the soon-to-be-finished AA Production wheel...so that's taken care of (I ordered it last March....may the wheel stork come soon! :lol:)

I think I'm done acquiring equipment...honest. I don't *need* anything else (that I know of.....) - I mean, I'd like a motor for my Drum Carder, but that's just an upgrade. I'd like a picker, but they're dangerous, and I'm not so sure me + lots of pointy teeth = good idea. :lol: I have combs and carders....so, yeah - I think I'm pretty well set. (The small floor loom being the only exception...but I mentioned that already).

Off to think about Kumihimo......
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