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Previous Entry :ugh: Jan. 9th, 2008 @ 01:14 pm Next Entry
Well, the bug won - Ms boss called and, after a *short* discussion, sent me home. :ick: I took just enough time to stop at Wallyworld for yougert and dog food (the dogs were out), then I came home and crashed.

Glad I'm home - the Water Supply Corp *FINALLY* sent a crew out. (Sweet Geek claims he hasn't called them....). Let's see...we called the Emergency # Saturday evening, it's now Wednesday...yeah, that's about par for the course. Judging by the amount of dirt they have piled up, the leak *is* on their side, not mine - Praise God for that!

No, I haven't gone out there - I'm sure I'd just get sick all over them, which wouldn't go over to well. I've just peeked out the window a few times. :grin:

So far, the yougert has stayed where it's supposed to.......:bleh:
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