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Let's see...where to begin?

It's not so much that the weekend was *busy* was just....full. Or something. up, moved Finn to the front yard (he was *SO* good....:sniff: I don't wanna sell him, but I need to), Sweet Geek fixed coddled eggs (they're good.....really. I need to keep them handy so I can do them on weekdays). He went out and played with the tractor; my mother came out and watched the kids while he took me out to lunch.

The "buyers" came out.....I don't think they're serious. Really. They "want something a little taller" ('Well', said I, 'his sire didn't stop growing until he was 5. Finn's *only* not quite 3.'). They're not sure he's what they want (he's an ARABIAN. With PAPERS. You KNEW that before you came out - I have no clue what you expected, moron). *IF* they're serious, they'll be back next week to start the "game". You know the one - I'm asking 1K, so they'll offer $800. I'll counter with $1500 (hey, I'm not stupid - you pay me what I ask, or I want MORE. I'm not going down one penny. :snicker:)'s just a wait-n-see game right now. :sigh: up late, rushed thru breakfast, and headed to church. Left right after Sunday School - Himself decided to be a turtle and totally ignore everyone. :sigh: We're working on that......had a quick lunch, then I took a nap while the kids "cleaned" their rooms (umm......don't ask). Sweet Geek played with the tractor some more :grin:, then it was Football time. (Cowboys, yeah.) Sweet Geek fixed dinner (wings - Yum!), and it was off to bed.

The wheel is sold, which is good. Now I just need to move the 2 looms. They're on Craig's List now....and I'm thinking of posting them at, too. We'll see.....

I ordered the pattern and yarn for Sweet Geek's Aran Cardigan. The pattern shipped....the yarn is coming from Knit Picks, so...we'll see. I need to get some yarn for Cherie Amie (from Knitty) for me....just can't decide *what* I want. :grin: I also ordered some Harmony DPNs...if I like them, I'll go ahead and get the Harmony Options set. We'll see.

Got my "Fire" sock almost done - I'm at the toe decreases. I'm hoping the Knit Picks order comes in so I can try them on sock # 2. :grin: Got 3 dishtowels woven, and half of #4. (It was a productive weekend, what can I say? :grin:)
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