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It's Friday...

and no bad weather. Not that I expected any (weather forecasters to the contrary) - we finished all our contract stuff that HAD to be done yesterday, so, just in case the weather was bad, we could stay home. Right....:grin:

Am on Square #6 of row 2. Looking good - I've just about given up on the pattern - there is NO way I can pick up the stitches the way it says to. I'm fudging it, but it's working, it looks good, so.....I'm going with it. :lol:

Chili was smelling divine when we left this morning.

Am waiting on a quote from the online furniture store - the table I found (at less than 1/2 of the price I found it locally) is 48" x 72"...the table here is 48" x 48". I'd like the smaller one....I'll even pay the same price as the 72", if I have to. (It's still cheaper than the local one....go figure). The customer service rep was really nice - I think I'll enjoy doing business with them. :grin: (I'll be saving enough, I might even go ahead and order a coffee table, too...we'll see what the quote is first, though. :grin:)

Not much else going on - it's going to be a slow day today.
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