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Long weekend...

so, let's get to it, shall we?

Saturday was spent at Sweet Geek's house, doing yard work. We got the Koi pond cleaned out, the leaves raked and bagged, the bushes (mostly) pruned (some need to wait until next month), and the gravel raked and re-smoothed. Busy, but fun stuff. Had lunch (late-ish) at a really neat Mexican place in Dallas (coastal Mexican - yummy stuff!),hit Penzey's (where I scored over $40 worth of spices!), then headed home. We started the HBO series "Band of Brothers" - fascinating stuff.

Sunday was church, then photo-taking. I hope they came out - we got some good ones of Kestral's and other hawks, and some nice landscapes. Tidied the house a bit, played with the horses (Finn has a cut leg...not sure what's up with that, but he's OK, just got some icky stuff on it. :sigh:), and watched more of the series. Nice, lazy-type day.

OH! Also did some dyeing - I now have 2 of the 3 colors needed for more Jayne hats. :grin: Sweet Geek wanted to see how it's done, so I broke out the dyepots and dye, and dug up some nice white domestic wool. It was Fun and productive. (Made cooking dinner a moot point, but hey - we had leftovers! :grin:), sort of. Did some needed running around, then the 2 of us went to see "Beowulf". Glad the kids didn't's too....violent for them right now. Interesting take on it, though.

Got home to find that someone had been there - the gate was open, as was the garage door. Yes, I'm pretty sure we know who.....and we know how. :sigh: I'm at the point of tossing in the towel and moving...we'll see. Sweet Geek is looking at property elsewhere - he's found 6 acres with 2 homesites on it (1 already existing, 1 ready to build) which would be perfect...I dunno. We're still talking. I'm tired of being on alert all the time...and he can't stay full-time until he gets his aunt settled.

I'm glad he was with me - I got to see him go into Marine mode :grin: *Very* comforting, to say the least. I hate moving, but I hate living like this more. Ugh. Oh, well - nothing will be decided immediately; until it is, he's working on ways to secure the property better.

Did a new fish dish last night - it went over *very* well. I'll tweak it a bit, but it's staying on the menu. Orange roughie with parmesian cheese and spices...yummy! (Penzey's current catalogue, if you want to play along :grin:)

With the exception of yesterday afternoon, it was a great weekend.
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