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Reason # 2,147,698

that Sweet Geek is the best of the best and sweetest thing I've ever run into: I am getting a new laptop.

Now, this doesn't sound like much - I am, after all, perfectly capable of going to the big box store and purchasing my very own shiny, new, upgraded laptop (I currently have a Compaq; it's AT LEAST 8 years old, and it's creaky. Needs updating - which, well...more on that in a bit). I hadn't started looking yet (I haven't filed my return yet - will do that tomorrow, since I forgot a vital piece of info today), but had mentioned it to him in passing. He agreed that a new laptop would be beneficial - my current one was used on trips, both for 'net access and for dumping photos onto. (Doesn't sound like much, huh? Well...I only have 1 card for my camera, and it only holds 100 or so photos. Dumping onto the laptop made my life *much* easier). I also used it for work, for a while - I took stuff home, I did it on the laptop, and brought it back. My home PC wasn't contaminated with stuff I don't need.....anyway, it worked. Now, not so much - like I said, it's creaky, and slow, and it's lost it's modem. NOT good. It also runs Really.Slow.)

The plan was for him to upgrade the Compaq and set up a wireless network in the house, so the kids could do homework and stuff on it, instead of tying up the PC (I *LOVE* DSL, I really do). I would (eventually) get me another rush, but I wanted to do it while I was still employed and had the funds to do so. (Yes, the job is headed downhill again....this time, it looks like it'll tank. Probably by December...depends on how the Trust goes, and who Ms. Boss goes with to co-Manage it. The current co-Trustee (rhymes with "JPMorganChase") sucks, and she's gonna pull out as soon as we are out of probate (2+ years! For a TRUST! Whee!) For her, enough is NOT enough, so..we can read the writing on the wall. Might not be this year..but I'm thinking it will be. Ah, well....)

Well, he checked at the company store (where he works, he gets discounts on stuff. LOTS of stuff, not all of it produced by said company).....and I am getting a shiny, new, GREEN laptop with 2GB harddrive and.....something something something..:grin: For...LESS than I budgeted for. :squee: And a 3 year warranty.

For the record, HE volunteered to do this, I didn't ask. Didn't expect it, either - especially not right now, when he's up to his eyeballs in audit preparations. (He's also arguing about me repaying him.....:snerk: I'll be paying off one of his bills, whether he likes it or not. :grin: Yes, I can be a bit hard-nosed about some things - HE doesn't need a laptop, so why should HE pay for it? Yes, he'll use this one, but it's MINE.)

The kids will still get the old laptop (newly upgraded, soon as he has time), with a wireless connection and all that goes with it (what do I know - I'm no techy, just a spoiled end-user). This is necessary, since both of them have assignments and stuff to do online for grades...and right now, they're doing them at school. I..don't see that continuing, though, since both my kids are bored at school. :sigh: (See, they get done too quickly, and the teachers get mad. *I* get to deal with the fallout. *Not* fun.) It needs to be done at home where I can monitor them and keep them in line when they get off-track. Plus, I am more creative than the teachers, and can channel their attention in other ways, to improve the end product. (Seriously. Himself had an assignment last year on his "Favorite Animal". He chose Sheep. (By himeself, yet - I did NOT influence him At.All. Promise!) It was a simple assignment - the teacher gave a list of questions that he had to answer, he had to find a picture, and voila! Finished report. Only.....not. :snicker: I pulled out my copy of "In Sheep's Clothing", he pulled out some really cool "technical" (i.e. NOT first grade stuff) info, we pulled a picture of a lovely flock of Merinos off of the web...and he chose 5 fiber samples to attach to the report, with a short description of each one. To say the teacher was blown away would be an understatment - and, remember - HE did it on his own. I just provided the book and samples. :grin:) Oh, and the teacher kept all the fleece samples. :snicker: (Icelandic, Merino, Suffolk, Romney, domestic lambs wool)

Anyway, I'm excited, to say the least. Even if I wasn't ready to commit to a new laptop Right.Now. :grin:

I just needed to squeal a bit. I'll get over it soon...maybe. :grin: I'm just blown away by the fact that he actually thinks about me, and what I might want/like, instead of just doing what he wants. :sigh: It'
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