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Previous Entry :whew!: Jan. 23rd, 2008 @ 09:16 am Next Entry
Glad it's hump day - this has been a wild week already!

Got the 1040 filed; it should be accepted by Friday. If so, according to the IRS, my funds will hit 2/8. Hope so - I got some furniture to order! :lol: We're talking about replacing the sofa and loveseat, too....not from the Amish, though - they're too high. We just can't agree on fabric - I want leather, Sweet Geek doesn't (cats + leather =/= mix. :sigh:)...that's a sticking point. Plus, I'm cheap....:lol:

Himself got booted from his Leadership class - he says he hasn't enjoyed it in "a while". He just can't tell me *why* :sigh: We'll see how this pans out......

Birthday plans are abounding - but I am NOT discussing them here. You want the info, email or call me - I am NOT giving my troll any ammunition. (Paranoid? Not really - just looking out for the safety of my children. I am tired of being hassled.) Sweet Geek is concerned enough that HE changed his plans to make sure he was there - I am very impressed with him. Himself didn't mind him not being there for the party, but Sweet Geek said Himself was more important than his plans. :hugs: and :boggle: I am DEFINATELY keeping this guy!

No lunch date today - he has an auditor to amuse. :grin:

Not much else to report....
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