Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Tired, Wet, Disappointed...

Yeah, that just about sums up the Games.

Saturday: Rain. More Rain. Drizzle. Rain, again. I had my lovely AA wheel out there, but only got to spin for, maybe, 15 minutes. And they weren't consecutive mintues, either. So, she spent most of the day covered in 2 Hefty bags by the very thoughtful Boy Scouts we sponsered. A few cute kilts, but not cute enough to make me leave the shelter of the tent (well, except for when the Corsairs were on. I left the tent for THEM)

Sunday: Ditto. Only, with more kilts for some strange reason. It actually wasn't as bad today - it drizzled all day, no big rain. We figure it's because the wheel was left in the van. See, on Saturday, everytime I would start to spin, the clouds would dump buckets. When I stopped, so did they. I think I was creating a large gravitational pull that sucked all the moisture out of the sky.

But, I wasn't bored without my wheel - I was enjoying the scenery. And, since I am a pinned wench, I went about thanking the better looking ones for improving the scenery. Only 1 guy got it, and it took him 15 minutes to actually realize what I meant. *snork* I did get a good hug out of it, so that was great. *g* He was tagged, though, so I had to throw him back.

Saw the Corsairs again.......they forgot 1/2 of one of their songs. It wasn't even my fault!! *g* They're great, though, so none of the fans minded. The newbies had no clue, however.......

The worst part of the weekend: I lost one of the wheel pegs on my wheel.....I gotta call Alden on Tuesday and beg for a replacement - the twig I found sucks and looks horrid, even if it does work.

Best part: I got quite a few hugs from Bearhugger McClain. He gives good hugs....and is a very talented singer, as well.

One of my clan cousins bought me supper - Italian. Yum. With extra garlic. Double yum! But, now I am feeling it......gotta go to bed. Tomorrow I'm off, but I have to get the front end of the van aligned and pick up dog food. Think I'll take the Zoey-monster with me.....maybe the alignment will go faster. She loves shopping at PetSmart.....*g*
Tags: blather

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