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Well...Sunday's weirdness has been explained. I had no clue why Pastor had to "talk" to me..I shrugged it off as weirdness.

I found out today that *I* was a line item on the council's agenda. :huh: and :snicker:

Y'see, I am a danger to the poor defenceless children I teach - I might *gasp* convert them to Judaism! :shock: This, despite the fact that I have made it plain that NO, Judaism is not for me. Messianic, yes, but Judaism, no. :shakes head: I know who my Savior is, thankyouverymuch, and I'm not giving Him up for nothing.

I've said it before - I know where this is heading. I haven't been led to leave, yet, but it's coming. The Sunday School Superintendent stepped down Sunday, because of the attack on *me*.....and, I'll be next. :shrug: This simply tells me I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing...hard as it is, I have to keep on. :sigh:

Ah, well.....I know how things'll shake out eventually, and I know where I'm going.
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