Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


Well, we're at the office, but I don't think we'll be staying. Blackman-Mooring didn't get our office finished - not that it matters, since the building has done NOTHING about the burned wood etc at the point of fire...and our insurance agent says that whatever B-M does will have to be REDONE since the air ducts are picking up the soot and smoke and dumping it right back in our office. :sigh:

My desk is the cleanest it's been - ever. :grin: I can't find a damned thing - but that's OK, it's clean and shiny. For now. :grin:

Still can't breathe, and the smell is nauseating. :sigh: Our adjuster will be here at noon....we're taking bets we get sent hom as a health-hazard. IF they reimburse our salaries...yeah, we'll be home in no time. :grin:

ETA: Ms. Boss has decided that there's NO WAY it can be this bad up here, and we are NOT closing the office. Stupid, stupid, stupid - I will state right now - if I get sick from this, SHE will be paying the bills. Ditto for my co-worker - her asthma is going bonkers right now.
Tags: blather

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