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Weekend woes....


Previous Entry Weekend woes.... Jan. 28th, 2008 @ 11:31 am Next Entry
Busy weekend. Got stuff done.....also made a few decisions. Cut to spare those who could care less...:grin:

Saturday dawned early. It was bedroom cleaning time! The kids grumbled and complained - Sweet Geek went in to oversee them, while I diligently worked in my room (I can't demand that their rooms be spotless when mine is most definately NOT, y'know?). Mine isn't finished - I need to get rid of the clutter on the desk (and get rid of the desk), get some new bookshelves to get the books off of the floor, and find a spot for the scrapbook stuff. THEN I get to tackle the closet. :whew:

I discovered that I have a garb problem.....in that I have *too* much. (Yes, you CAN have too much -I don't play SCA anymore, and I don't do Ren Faires...so.......18 skirts, 12 chemises, 11 pairs of *finished* bloomers, 8 bodices (only 2 of which I actually *wear*)...and uncounted UNfinished chemises, skirts, and bloomers are a bit excessive. :lol:) Need to do some weeding out *there*, methinks - my cedar chest overflows!

Took 3 trash bags of clothes, 1 bag of toys, the old floormats, and a light fixture to the Women's Shelter - that was good. I then spent $17 on a new coat for Herself, and a sweater for me and Sweet Geek (they didn't have anything suitable for Himself). Good day all around.

Sunday....ah. Proof that most christuns DON'T practise what they preach (enough of *that*). :sigh: I'm tired of being attacked for no reason.......anyway. I'll be quitting the choir this week, and booted out of teaching Sunday School pretty soon, so - whatever. We'll get to sleep in a bit - church doesn't start until 10:30, and possibly later at other churches, so........:sigh: I admire Anna even more now.

We went home, then Sweet Geek took Himself out to lunch while Herself and I stayed in. We watched the Tim Hawkins DVD I ordered - he's a hoot. :grin: *Totally* clean fun, hysterical guy. Herself didn't get all the jokes ("Who's Marcus Welby? Van Halen??") but still found him too funny for words.

My dad came over for dinner - Fish, again. Yummy Orange Roughy - I need to try Trout or Mahi Mahi or something next time, just for variety. I forgot the Parmesian cheese this time, but it was still good.

So, busy weekend, and I have a better grip on what I need to do now.

Office update: still smokey, still stinky. Better than last week, when we couldn't STAND to be there - Blackmon-Mooring put gel-packs in the ceiling ducts, and new filters. We can still smell the smoke, and our eyes are stinging, but it's a LOT better.

And, we're going house-hunting this weekend - he's found 2 promising sites, and the realtor is looking for more. :whee:
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