Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

blah de blah de blah

Office is still stinky, and a health-hazard; our Financial Advisor was *shocked* that we were actually there when he called yesterday and got the news. Blackman-Mooring is doing their best, but until the charred wood and beauty shop remains are hauled out, it won't get any better. :sigh: Claritin is my friend! :grin:

Got some unexpected encouragement this morning, so that's good. It's nice to be divinely told you are on the right track. :lol: (And, no - the message was WAY too clear to be misinterpreted.)

Still waiting on the they're saying it'll be 2/5 before my refund hits. No biggie - I have until the 7th to get the funds to the furniture store, so we're still good there. I'm looking forward to weaving a nice tablecloth for my new table! (Oooh...must buy some yarn for that! Linen, maybe.....must start planning....:grin:)

Not much else - we've got Saturday morning booked with the Realtor, and the kids are taken care of, so....we'll see how that goes.
Tags: blather

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