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oooh, ahhh...

we got to leave *30* minutes early today! :whee: Why? Because most of our building was without power (due to the lovely asteroid that went winging by earlier). The power went out at, gee, thanks for the 30 minutes. :rolleyes:

The headache hit earlier today...and was worse. I fully expect it to Keep getting worse until they finish the demolition...which won't be anytime soon. The investigation began yesterday - we didn't speak to anyone today, so I have no clue what was discovered, or even if they've finished the investigation. Ah,'s only my lungs.

I was accused today of "forgetting" that my LJ is on the bottom of every email I send. :shakes head: I wrote it, I'm not embarrassed by it. Apparantly, that's not a common attitude. :puzzled: Ah, well - it's no less than I expected. It's also not the only thing I was accused of....too bad that the door was slammed so that no discussion could take place. (And, no discussion DID take place - I was accused and shut out without being allowed to refute any of it. REAL Christian of them, huh? /snark. Probably shouldn't have said that, but it's what I'm thinking....):shrug:

Sweet Geek found some more properties to look at this weekend. Can't wait!
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