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At least it's Wednesday - the work week is half over! :cheers: It's been rough, what with the whole no-breathing, headaches, itchy eyes and scratchy throat thing going on. Benedryl quit working last night (I expected that), so I get to suffer for 3 or 4 days until I can use it again. :sigh:

Had a nice long chat last night with the pastor (Sweet Geek knows :grin:) Got quite a bit of enlightenment and encouragement....and I got an email from someone else that clarified what *I* had been feeling.

See, the person who is kicking up most of the fuss (I had suspected, and it was confirmed - by *2* sources, in fact) is very holier-than-thou, and has sent me an email in that tone. OK, fine, whatever - I have NEVER tried to force my views on people...she? Has. This email is just the latest. (Hey, I can't force my own children to clean their rooms, so why would I think I could force someone to even *listen* to my views? I'll talk about them if asked, and I post 'em here (because it's MY SPACE), but I don't force you to listen/read 'em. It's why I use cuts, to be honest - you don't want to read it, you don't have to, and there's less space you have to scroll down to get past it.)

My main problem with her attitude? SHE has been known to keep her children home from church so that they can do recreational stuff (You know, soccer, baseball, trail rides, picnics....stuff that can be done ANYTIME). (And yet I am a bad influence on the SS children? I.....I can't think like that.)

She also told me that maybe I had "forgotten my LJ was at the bottom of all my emails". Ummm, no. I've said it before - I'm not embarrased by anything I write here. (She got "very upset" by what I had written"...I bet even money that I know *exactly* which entry she is referring to, and I won't link it - other church members may come by here (Hi! :waves:) and I will NOT stir up shit by blatently pointing out *who* I am referring to (although most of them will have already figured it out) - no need to stir the pot! And that my "interpretation" is wrong......only, I'm not interpreting ANYTHING, I'm simply doing what it actually *says*. There's no need to interpret something that's Right There..unless you're trying to find a reason to NOT do it. :sigh: /soapbox)

See, this (my LJ)is written FOR ME. Yeah, I know there are some folks out there that read my blatherings (I am SO sorry :grin:) - but I'm not writing for Them. I mean, I edit it, maybe make it funnier, but my (supposed) audience isn't who I'm writing this for. It's for ME. I know that NOTHING posted online is ever private, so for the most part I post publicly (there have been some private entries, at the request of my councillor. I wrote what I needed to, printed it for him, and haven't looked at it since. I won't delete them - they're part of my history, but I feel no desire to actually *look* at them again. Lots and lots of pain there....), and I really don't care *who* trips across it. I said it, I own it,, I didn't forget to remove it from my siggy.

:sigh: It's people like her that give the church a bad name. (And, I was told that she is the main reason a few people have left/are thinking of leaving. I...was not surprised to find that out, unfortunately) Me? I haven't been given my marching orders yet - I have no doubt that I will, and when I go I *will* inform the council exactly *WHY* I am leaving. (And yes, I will name names and give pertinent Bible verses - oh, wait...actually READING the Bible at this church seems to be a sin. :huh:)(And no, I'm not being sarcastic at all here - that's what this whole kerfluffle is about, in a nutshell.)

I did resign from teaching...and I have quit the choir. No sense in inflicting my (contaminated) self on people. :shrug: This means that we get to sleep in on Sunday mornings - church doesn't start until 10:30. :grin: No more mad rushes to get everyone up and out the door by 8:30.....:whee!: (I am limiting my children's contact with hypocritical people....they don't need that - it's bad enough that they both noticed how these oh-so-"christian" people were treating me last week.)

Ah, well - such is life. I'm really not surprised that this has come up - I've been expecting it for a while, actually. (And, again - it tells me that I am on the right track. THAT'S something to hold onto!) I am disappointed that I'm not allowed to explain myself, and I am VERY PISSED OFF that Biblical mandates weren't followed. (This is a Church. That is supposed to uphold the Bible. They..didn't. See, when there is a conflict IN THE CHURCH, what you are supposed to do is this: Get 2 or 3 witnesses with the accused PRIVATELY (this was...sort of done at the meeting a few Sundays ago. Not witnesses, unfortunatly, just 1 accuser, but STILL - this was done correctly). IF the accused doesn't repent (again - when did reading the Bible become a sin?), THEN you take your 2 or 3 witnesses and the accused before the church elders...THIS was *not* done. In fact, from what I understand, it was sprung on the council at the last minute, with No prior warning. :red flag: *I* was not told so that I could be there to defend myself :red flag: And, again - the whole basis of the accusations was that I was not teaching "approved" things to the Sunday School class :red flag: - only 1 adult has ever sat in my class. I assume she was there accusing me as well, but I don't know that for a fact (just..a feeling. Whatever).

Now, on the whole "approved" SS stuff...I have been begging and pleading for the past *3* YEARS for curriculum. The Lutheran church provides SS materials that go along with the bulletins....and I was told to go ahead and pick out what I wanted, order it, and "we'll pay you back". I did that the first semester...but, y'know, it's not the teacher's responsibility to provide the lessons.....and the ENTIRE SS should be on the same page. This one? Isn't. Hasn't been since we've been at this church (and the pastor was very upset to discover this. He had NO CLUE. :shakes head:) So the whole SS accusation is bogus to begin with - if you want me to teach only approved stuff, you need to make sure I am supplied with it.

I have gone to my former church (same type of Lutheran as my current church) and begged their extra supplies. Funny thing - they were accepted gratefully, then they disappeared - WITHOUT being used by *anyone*. I have more stuff in my hands right now - dad brought it out last week - but, y'know, I'm not sure what to do with it. It won't be used, if I bring it, and I'm not teaching anymore, so I don't need it. :ponders:

Whatever.....I can't change anything, and I'm not losing sleep over it, so.....I'll shut up now. :grin: (HEY - I hear the cheers! :lol:)

I just really hate people that don't practise what they claim to preach. :sigh:
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