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It's Monday....

which means it's time for a weekend (sorta) update. :grin: we go:

Saturday was busy - we met with the realtor at 10, but only looked at 2 properites (she was..whacked. Very unorganized.) Neither of them were suitable (WAY overpriced, and one of them was SO out of our distance requirement that it was a total waste of time to drive out there. :sigh:) Sweet Geek has another realtor online, so he'll be contacting him and setting other stuff up.

We then went and looked at a few model of them was similar to the one I almost bought (instead of the one I *Did* buy. Why didn't I? It was $18K more, and had no garage. Oh, well...) I *LOVED* it, but. It's a 2 story, which isn't good, and.....there's no room for the loom and his photography studio. Ah, well......

Got home and began the baking frenzy for Sunday's Chili Cook-off and Dessert Auction.

Sunday was overcast, but nice. My chili got Heartiest, which is good - there were NO leftovers. :grin: The first batch of cinnamon rolls brought $35, the first batch of brownies brought $25. (We left before the other 2 came up). I didn't win the trifle (MY trifle - Black Forest, to be exact. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.) - when it hit $260, I bowed out. (It went for $275. Ah, well..)

The big item? The church handyman had made a LOVELY cedar ice chest. It's approx. 2' x 2' x 3', and decorated in a western style (Not my taste, but...:grin:) Sweet Geek took one look and Fell In LoveLust. :giggle: It came up about 20 minutes in (before the Trifle :lol:), and he looked at me and said "Y'know what you owe me for the laptop? I WANT this. OK?" What was I gonna do, say no? :lol:

The bidding was fast and furious...and Sweet Geek emerged victorious, at $350. (I wrote him a check for the balance of the laptop - I'm fair! :lol:) It's currently sitting in my kitchen, while we try to decide *where* it needs to go. He can keep it :lol:

All in all, it was fun.

The sermon yesterday...ah, yes, the Sermon. Can I just say that I admire my Pastor, even if a) I will be blamed for it and b) it's going to go hard for him for a while.

Why? Because of 2 sentances in the middle - Right Smack Dab in the Middle - of his Sermon. (I don't remember the text - it was Transfiguration Sunday, and the Gospel was on the meeting of Jesus with Moses and Elijah on the Mountain).

What did he say? :snicker: (Man, I am SO getting blamed for this, and I had NOTHING to do with it) Simple: "Jesus was a JEW. Remember, there were NO CHRISTIANS at this time." Truth. Plain and simple.

And boy, you should have *heard* the reaction. It got loud enough that it was distracting - and they were, of course, the people causing problems with me. :sigh: and :lol:

It's gonna get interesting, methinks.....

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