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(-) crap going on with daycare lady. Refuse to talk about it...but she's gone over the edge this time, and it looks like I'll be finding alternative childcare. :sigh: (Of course, on the (+) side, alternative childcare will be *much* cheaper than the daycare (I pay right at $700/month now - DURING the school year. It goes UP in the summer - to like $1200/month + activities....I can get by with only $600 or so a month, YEAR ROUND, with my alternative plan. Go me, I think!)

(+) got 2 new handspindles in last night - both have tiger-eye whorls. Got them off of Etsy, from a lady in Arlington. Loverly spindles - tried them out this morning, and they both spin like butter. Pretty, functional - what's not to like? :grin:

(-) my camera order was cancelled - seems the E+ rated Nikon 5700 doesn't work (how's that happen, again?).

(+) No biggie - I went back and ordered the Nikon 8800 I was originally looking at. $100 more.....but it hopefully works (and it's still an awesome deal, *if* they ship it!)and is the replacement, newer model of the 5700. (Meaning, I can still get stuff for it new, instead of haunting eBay for things :grin:)

(-) USPS tried to deliver my Amazon order on Saturday...but didn't reattempt yesterday. I need to find out what's up with that.

(+) Sweet Geek left his camera remote at the house, so I get to have lunch with him *today* so he can retrieve it. (He needs it for an assignment. :grin:)

(+) My daily Bible readings all keep saying the same thing - Trust Yah. (I'm not following any sort of devotional, I simply let the book fall open whereever it wants, and I start reading. It's really funny that my past 4 readings have all had the *same* theme.) I'm trying!

(+) My knee feels almost well again. I actually got some sleep last night!

(-) I bought some sleeping pills while picking up Herself's prescription, but haven't used them yet. I won't, unless there's another adult in the house. Can't risk sleeping through an emergency. (So, I guess this should also be a (+), since I managed to sleep last night without them?)

(+) I've almost caught up with laundry mountain. The kids "cleaned" their rooms Saturday, resulting in the discovery least 5 loads of "missing" clothing. :sigh: I've got maybe 2 loads to go, before starting on the normal weekly laundry. :bangs head: (Hey - at least the clothes are no longer under the beds/on the floor/in the toy boxes!)

:huh: I have more in the (+) column than in the (-) column, and I didn't have to work for any of 'em. *That's* good! :grin:
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