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Weekend recap

It was a busy, busy, busy weekend. we go! :grin:

Friday, I pulled the kids out of the daycare. I simply can't take anymore of the daycare lady - she's a total whack-job, and my children do NOT need to be exposed to it. She has overstepped her position one time too many...and caused harm to my son. So, that's it - they are no longer in daycare. :sigh: My mother lives close enough that she can take them to and from's a win/win. Less cost to me/more time with the grandkids for her.

Saturday, we headed out to the dentist for Himself. We ended up not getting anything done, though - he's got too much stuff to do, and he's too scared of the I have referrals to a Pediatric dentist that uses sedation. Fun stuff! He's got an abcessed tooth, 2 more teeth that need extraction, and some cavities.....poor baby inherited bad teeth from both sides, and it's no fun. :sigh: I have to stand over him to get him to brush now......:shakes head:

After, we went on a photo hunt...sorta. We hit the Dump, first, to see if they had anything we needed (it's an outlet store....LOTS of stuff, none of it to my taste. Or my budget. :grin:), then it was off to Fry's to get me a camera bag and memory card. (LOVE my camera...but it's too much camera for me. I am intimidated by it!)

Then, off to Sweet Geek's house to pick up tax info from last year, and THEN we headed into downtown Dallas for some photo ops.

Only, none of us had enough to pay for parking, so we decided Fair Park was more fun. :grin: He got lots of cool photos (he has an assignment to do Architechual shots (or however you spell that...), we saw a bike was all good.

Once home, the kids cleaned the back yard while Sweet Geek and I took down the round pen panels from the front yard. Next up - landscaping! (HIS job, not mine - I kill plants. :grin:)

Sunday, we got up early again, and headed back downtown (free parking on Sundays! :grin:) Stopped at Cafe Brazil for breakfast (the hot chocolate was WORTH the entire trip!), then hit the Arts District. *Tons* of photos. TONS.

We then decided to hit the DMA...they are having an exhibit of JMW Turner's works. Awesome - worth the price! I only took 1 photo...well, *I* didn't take it, Sweet Geek did, but it was with my camera! :grin: They have a complete suit of Samuri Armor on display. Neat!

Lots of cool art to look at - some Picassos, some Pissaros, some..well, Lots. :grin: Some textiles, too - but most of them were on loan, so I couldn't take photos (Museum policy).

Hit Wallyworld on the way home - I needed some valet keys for the Jeep. For some reason, I keep locking my keys inside :sheepish grin: - not anymore! :lol:

Once home, I CO'd Sweet Geek's cardigan - I just couldn't stand looking at all that yummy yarn, sitting all lonesome over near the dining room table. :snicker: I LOVE how it works up (KnitPicks "Wool of the Andes" in......a heathered green. Don't have a ballband handy, but it's yucca-y. Pretty stuff!) Plus, the silk/cotton Noro yarn I'm using on my tank is hard on my wrists - no elastisity at all.

Busy weekend...and next week promises to be more of the same. We're gonna start yard work!
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