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Mid-week huzzahs...

Seems the kids have adjusted to the lack of daycare. This is good! We have more time in the evenings now, and everyone seems more relaxed. :whee:

Am almost done with the first pattern repeat on Sweet Geek's cardigan. It's fun, it's relatively fast - there's 144 stitches, yeah, but I can finish a row in about 10 minutes, (less on the even rows - the Blackberry stitch slows me down on the odd rows)so it's good. Just have....what? 10 more repeats to go on the back? :grin:

Hair: Since LHC is down (again), I'll post it here. Did a honey/condish treatment last night. Hair is soft and bouncy today. (It needed it - the smoke and chemicals up here have done a number on it!)

Have lunch plans today, so I'd better get cracking on the work. :grin:
Tags: blather, hair, kids, knitting, sweater

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