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Happy Over-blown Expectations Day!

What, me - cynical? Nah....I just hate the whole "If you love someone you'll spend lotsa money on them on a particular day" speil that goes on this time of year - and feel lots of guilt if your present isn't deemed "romantic enough". :bah:

Give me a sweet little note on a random day, and I'm happy.

Now that *that's* off my chest :grin: - Lunch yesterday was good. We hit Starbucks for dessert, and the poor barista got SO confused. I'm supposed to come in EARLY, not at lunchtime. :lol:

The kids were back to normal this morning, picking on each other, tattling.....the usual. I put a stop to it....but, man! It was good while it lasted. Hopefully I'll get them back to that quickly - I hate mornings like this!

Finished the first pattern repeat, and am halfway thru the 2nd. It's looking good - I LOVE how this yarn (Knitpicks "Wool of the Andes") is knitting up. The cables are popping, the blackberry stitch looks *great*....I need to get a picture or 3. The problem is, I'd rather keep knitting! :grin:

Speaking of which...I have 30 minutes. I need to knit!
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