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It's Friday!

Finally! We survived the week! :grin:

My Baerreis hair forks arrived last night - I am *very* impressed with them. My new paduak Finny is even prettier than my first one (and feels more sturdy, if that makes sense); the purpleheart simply round is *gorgeous* (and in my hair right now), and the broken Finny has been returned as 2 shawl pins. :grin:

My favorite forks are still the 60th Street ones, can't beat Baerreis for more dressy looks. 60th Street are more economical, but they're also a bit more plain - still pretty, yes, but sometimes you just want to "dress up" your hair, know what I mean? :lol:

Just finished the 3rd pattern repeat - we're up to 6.5" now! Only 11.5" to go before binding off for the armholes! (Erm. And the 2 fronts and sleeves, but I'm not looking at those *yet*. 1 thing at a time! :grin:)

Sweet Geek snuck up to the office yesterday and left a card on my windsheild. Sneaky snot! :grin: He's definatly a keeper! (I would have *loved* to have lunch with him again, but the card was it's OK. :grin:)

Off to hunt for birthday prezzies!
Tags: blather, knitting, sweater

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