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Busy, busy, busy...

so busy, this is the first chance I've had to post - let's not mention reading, OK?

Saturday, we dropped the kids off at mom's, then headed out to Arlington. It was Sweet Geek's brother's birthday, and we had lunch at the Mongolian Grill. I'd never been, so it was an interesting experience. :grin: LOVED the food, and the company, of course.

It was an all-day affair, since it was raining, but good times. We had made an appointment to look at a house (circa 1924 - LOVELY house, BTW), but it was pouring so the realtor rescheduled us for Sunday.

Sunday was brighter...we slept in (I'm not teaching SS anymore - Yippee! :grin:) and made it to church on time. (Not much to report there). Sermon OK. No notes, not a whole lot of meat....:sigh:

Lunch at DQ, then back to the house to meet the realtor. LOVELY house, hardwood floors throughout, nice wrap-around porch (and I mean *all* the way around!), room for the loom or Sweet Geek's TV. Ah, well.....

Got home to movies, which is always fun.

Monday...ah, President's Day. Holiday. Fun! The kids had school, so we dropped them off, then headed North for some photo ops. Fun day - we had lunch at Salt Grass, then hit a Nursery to look at plants. (Sweet Geek is in charge of the landscaping. He's got TONS of ideas.....can't wait to see how they translate to actual plantings!)

We were supposed to meet with Himself's teacher, but she had a death in the we'll have to reschedule (no biggie - just the annual Parent/Teacher conference. :shrug:)

Sweet Geek made me cry....he was helping both kids review their homework. He is SO good with them...and it's not an act. "Hey, buddy - is this an "I" or a "J"? An "I"?, let me show you something...." and " this an "11"? Is that right - let's see, you're reducing fractions, yes? do you do that?" Total patience, no berating, no belitting...just patiently explaining. :sob: (Me? I just glance at it - as long as all the problems have answers, I don't care. It's not MY job to make sure they're all right - the kids need to do the work themselves. Still, I'm NOT complaining!

Right now, Sweet Geek's explaining photography to Himself. the discussion is WAY to technical for me, but Himself seems to understand it all. They have a set up in the front room, with a basket, some hay, and some eggs. I clue, but the photos are cool, and both males seem to be bonding. I'm glad.......:sniffle:

Herself is getting better - her attitude is Slowly improving. She stuck her tounge out at me this AM, so got to scrub the entry-way floor with a toothbrush as a consequence (as per the therapist's orders. I LIKE her! :grin:) (It would have been with a scrub brush, but she sassed me, too. Silly child!) She likes Sweet Geek..but is a bit wary. I can't blame her.....but he's the Real Deal. :smile:

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