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It's Monday...wait

it's Tuesday. Whoa. :blinks: How'd that happen? :grin:

The cardiagan back measures 10.25" now. Only 7.75" to go to the armpit. :whee: It's going along swimmingly - I can definatly recommend Knitpicks "Wool of the Andes" yarn - it's cheap, yes, and slightly splitty, but it knits up nicely and feels good, and the cables look *fantastic*. Pictures WILL be forthcoming - I just need to sit down and figure out my camera. :lol:

Speaking of which...I think I need a book. Anyone got any recommendations? I'm thinking of getting "Digital Photography for Dummies"...but am open to any/all suggestions. I can take pictures on a "normal" point-n-shoot camera...but this one? It's got *lots* of bells and whistles, and I'd like to be able to at least know what they're all about. (F-stops? Apertures? WTF????) I'm telling you - I bought too much camera this time around. It takes *wonderful* pictures, but I want to have a grasp of all it can do.

Need to get back to the dishtowels, too - I still need to figure out what I want in a tablecloth, so I can get going on that. :sigh: Too many projects, not enough time...

Speaking of *that*...Sweet Geek's b-day prezzie just took a turn. Seems he's not that into the color I had I need to do a restart. Anyone out there into natural dyeing? I need some coreopsis-over-indigo-or-woad wool. (I've asked Carol Leigh at Hillcreek Fiber Studios, but don't mind more than 1 batch. I don't normally do natural dyeing...but he likes the colors. :grin: (He has NO CLUE of what I've got in mind, and would happily accept what I've got so far...but *I'm* not happy with it, now that I know his actual color preferences. No big deal - *I* get to use what I've already done. Win/Win! :grin:)

I'm exhausted lately - not sleeping at all. Not sure what's up with that - I've cut down on the caffeine, which should make me sleep *better*, not worse. :sigh: Gotta figure that out....

Must go email AA about the new wheel......haven't heard from him in a while, and it's time I bugged him a bit. :grin:
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